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cEnigmaTextEffects Class Reference

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struct  tEffect

Public Member Functions

virtual void Action (void)
 cEnigmaTextEffects (const char *Description=NULL)
void Clear (void)
int DrawAnimatedText (int o_id, int action, int x, int y, const char *s, tColor ColorFg, tColor ColorBg, int FontId, int Width=0, int Height=0, int Alignment=taDefault)
int DrawAnimatedTitle (int o_id, int action, const char *s, int Width, cSkinEnigmaOsd *skin)
void PauseEffects (int y=0)
void RefreshEffects (void)
void ResetText (int i, tColor ColorFg=0, tColor ColorBg=0, bool fDraw=true)
bool Start (cOsd *o)
void Stop (void)
void UpdateLock (void)
void UpdateTextWidth (int i, int Width)
void UpdateUnlock (void)

Private Types

typedef std::vector< tEffect * > tEffects

Private Member Functions

void DoBlink (tEffect *e, uint64_t nNow, bool fDrawItem)
void DoEffect (tEffect *e, uint64_t nNow=0)
void DoScroll (tEffect *e, uint64_t nNow, bool fDrawItem)
void Wakeup (void)

Private Attributes

cCondVar condSleep
cMutex mutexRunning
cMutex mutexSleep
cOsd * osd
tEffects vecEffects
int yMessageTop

Detailed Description

Definition at line 47 of file texteffects.h.

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