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cSkinEnigmaDisplayChannel Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 cSkinEnigmaDisplayChannel (bool WithInfo)
virtual void DrawTitle (const char *Title)
virtual void Flush (void)
virtual void SetChannel (const cChannel *Channel, int Number)
virtual void SetEvents (const cEvent *Present, const cEvent *Following)
virtual void SetMessage (eMessageType Type, const char *Text)

Private Member Functions

void DrawAreas (void)
void DrawChannelInfo (const cChannel *Channel, int Number)
void DrawGroupInfo (const cChannel *Channel, int Number)
cString GetChannelName (const cChannel *Channel)
cString GetChannelNumber (const cChannel *Channel, int Number)
bool HasChannelTimerRecording (const cChannel *Channel)

Private Attributes

bool fLocked
bool fScrollTitle
bool fShowLogo
int idTitle
cOsd * osd
const cFont * pFontDate
const cFont * pFontLanguage
const cFont * pFontMessage
const cFont * pFontOsdTitle
const cFont * pFontSubtitle
const cFont * pFontTitle
char * strLastDate
int xBottomLeft
int xBottomRight
int xDateLeft
int xEventNextLeft
int xEventNextRight
int xEventNowLeft
int xEventNowRight
int xFirstSymbol
int xLogoDecoLeft
int xLogoDecoRight
int xLogoLeft
int xLogoPos
int xLogoRight
int xMessageLeft
int xMessageRight
int xTitleLeft
int xTitleRight
int yBottomBottom
int yBottomTop
int yEventNextBottom
int yEventNextTop
int yEventNowBottom
int yEventNowTop
int yLogoBottom
int yLogoPos
int yLogoTop
int yMessageBottom
int yMessageTop
int yTitleBottom
int yTitleDecoBottom
int yTitleDecoTop
int yTitleTop

Detailed Description

Definition at line 221 of file enigma.c.

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