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cSkinEnigmaDisplayMenu Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

virtual void Clear (void)
virtual void DrawTitle (const char *Title)
virtual void Flush (void)
virtual const cFont * GetTextAreaFont (bool FixedFont) const
virtual int GetTextAreaWidth (void) const
virtual int MaxItems (void)
virtual void Scroll (bool Up, bool Page)
virtual void SetButtons (const char *Red, const char *Green=NULL, const char *Yellow=NULL, const char *Blue=NULL)
virtual void SetEvent (const cEvent *Event)
virtual void SetItem (const char *Text, int Index, bool Current, bool Selectable)
virtual void SetMessage (eMessageType Type, const char *Text)
virtual void SetRecording (const cRecording *Recording)
virtual void SetText (const char *Text, bool FixedFont)
virtual void SetTitle (const char *Title)

Private Member Functions

int DrawFlag (int x, int y, const tComponent *p)
int getDateWidth (const cFont *pFontDate)
const char * GetPluginMainMenuName (const char *plugin)
bool HasTabbedText (const char *s, int Tab)
int ReadSizeVdr (const char *strPath)
void SetColors (void)
void SetScrollbar (void)
void SetupAreas (void)

Private Attributes

bool fLocked
bool fScrollInfo
bool fScrollListItem
bool fScrollOther
bool fScrollTitle
bool fSetupAreasDone
bool fShowInfo
bool fShowLogo
bool fShowLogoDefault
int idListItem [MaxTabs]
int idTitle
bool isMainMenu
int lineHeight
int nMessagesShown
int nNumImageColors
int nOldIndex
cOsd * osd
const cFont * pFontList
const cFont * pFontOsdTitle
char * strLastDate
char * strTheme
char * strTitle
int xBodyLeft
int xBodyRight
int xButtonsLeft
int xButtonsRight
int xDateLeft
int xDateRight
int xInfoLeft
int xInfoRight
int xItemLeft
int xItemRight
int xLogoLeft
int xLogoRight
int xMessageLeft
int xMessageRight
int xTitleLeft
int xTitleRight
int yBodyBottom
int yBodyTop
int yButtonsBottom
int yButtonsTop
int yDateBottom
int yDateTop
int yInfoBottom
int yInfoTop
int yItemTop
int yLogoBottom
int yLogoTop
int yMessageBottom
int yMessageTop
int yTitleBottom
int yTitleDecoBottom
int yTitleDecoTop
int yTitleTop

Detailed Description

Definition at line 886 of file enigma.c.

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