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cEnigmaConfig Struct Reference

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Public Member Functions

const cFont * GetFont (int id, const cFont *pFontCur=NULL)
const char * GetImageExtension (void)
char * GetImagesDir (void)
char * GetLogoDir (void)
void GetOsdSize (struct EnigmaOsdSize *size)
void SetFont (int id, int vdrId)
void SetFont (int id, const char *font)
void SetImagesDir (const char *dir)
void SetLogoDir (const char *logodirP)

Public Attributes

FontInfo allFonts [FONT_NUMFONTS]
int blinkPause
int cacheSize
int dynOsd
int fullTitleWidth
int imageExtension
int imageHeight
int imageWidth
int numReruns
int resizeImages
int scrollDelay
int scrollInfo
int scrollListItem
int scrollMode
int scrollOther
int scrollPause
int scrollTitle
int showAuxInfo
int showFlags
int showImages
int showInfo
int showListSymbols
int showLogo
int showMailIcon
int showMarker
int showProgressbar
int showRecSize
int showRemaining
int showSymbols
int showSymbolsAudio
int showSymbolsMenu
int showSymbolsMsgs
int showSymbolsReplay
int showTimerConflicts
int showVps
int singleArea
int singleArea8Bpp
int useChannelId
int useSubtitleRerun
int useTextEffects

Private Attributes

char logoDir [255]
char strImagesDir [255]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 85 of file config.h.

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